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I Had Great Results

“I came in because I had hip pain for about 3 years.  I believe my pain was from all of my years playing sports.  Sometimes it even got so bad that I couldn’t run and sometimes had trouble walking after playing soccer I’m had great results!  I don’t have any low back pain now and when I play sports I am not in agony afterwards.”

Tara W.

No More Back Pain

“Around 8 years ago I was in a bad car accident and I ended up with pretty bad back pain.  Sometimes it was so bad I would even drop to my knees from the pain.  I tried chiropractors on and off for around 8 years.  I would feel better for a little while but the pain would always come back eventually.  I found Higgins Physical Medicine online and have had great results.  I haven’t had back pain since the third week of care and it’s been gone for quite a while.”

David C.

Outstanding Results!

“I came in because I was having terrible knee pain for quite a while. It was making it very difficult for me to work. I met the staff of Higgins Physical Medicine at a baseball game and they explained what the did so I gave it a shot. I have had outstanding results!!! My knee feel SO much better and I am actually getting my back straightened out too. Pretty much everything is better.”

Mike K.

About Us

We, at Higgins Physical Medicine, strive to do our absolute best to bring health to our community through our chiropractic solutions. We work hard to provide natural solutions for everyday problems. We pride ourselves in our ability to bring people of out of a pain cycle, and to also make them much healthier overall. Schedule an appointment to see our chiropractor and for our other services in Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Streamwood and Elk Grove Village. Our desire is that you experience a healthier you.

Why Us?

We have made our schedule to accommodate our patients' schedules and locations. This means almost no waiting in the lobby to see the chiropractor. We treat patients on four levels for more complete wellness. Most symptoms are due to multiple causes, therefore, our chiropractic services work on multiple levels so you don't have pain, but also so you improve every aspect of your health. We also offer massage therapy to help release tight spots. Stop living with pain and start feeling like the best "you" you can be.

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We at Higgins Physical Medicine strive to do our absolute best to give health to our community. We work hard to provide natural solutions to for everyday problems. We pride ourselves in our ability to not only get people out of pain but to also make them much healthier in the end. All of our programs are designed to achieve long lasting results and we strive for you to no longer need us once finished with one of our programs. They will include an individualized group of treatments, like massage therapy, chiropractic care and physical therapy.

We are glad to offer a FREE chiropractic orthopedic exam and top of the line digital X Ray evaluation.

We plan to get you not only out of pain, but to improve the way your entire body functions.

See what our clients have to say about the work we do at Higgins Physical Medicine!