1. My body will get the treatment needed to allow me to have the healthy, pain free lifestyle I want

    Higgins Physical Medicine is a wonderful place for healing. I have been receiving Dr. Eickert’s care for several months now. I appreciated his professionalism from the very first visit. At the consultation for care, Dr. Eickert used the X-rays to show me exactly where my problems areas were and what he was going to do to fix them. He has been true to his word. My problems are no longer problems.…Read More

  2. After the first treatment, I felt so good I went shopping and walking pain free

    I was amazed how well I felt after a week of treatment! My daughter immediately mentioned how straight I was standing. I even felt taller and as a 75 year old, that has been steadily getting shorter, that made my day! Dr. Eickert had me do the balance stand that I did not expect to be able to do and with his encouragement, I did. He also had other helpful exercise to complete as a warm up to the t…Read More