When you come to us at Higgins Physical Medicine, you don’t just come in for physical therapy. We understand the body is interconnected and complex. Making chiropractic adjustments alone doesn’t help every situation, especially when there has been long-term degeneration or a traumatic injury. Just the same, only having physical therapy may not fix a spinal imbalance, leading to pain in the future. Fixing the issue involves a more holistic approach, including physical therapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care and diet to get a total body healing.

Physical therapy involves rehabilitation of muscles and tendons that have been injured through disuse, injury, illness or surgery. Our physical medicine involves a combination of physical therapy, massage therapy and chiropractic care to improve mobility and proper movement and flexibility.

Many painful conditions are a direct result of a loss of normal mechanics in the spine or other joints. Over time the loss of normal mechanics can lead to degeneration of these joints causing arthritis or decreased ranges of motions. Our primary goal at Higgins Physical Medicine is to restore the normal mechanics of the body, relieving pain and also to help prevent arthritis or other degenerative issues, including degeneration of the discs. Our physical therapists are well trained and communicate well with our team to give you the best care possible.

All of our rehab procedures are based on what we find in your X-Ray and exam taken during your first visit. Depending on X-Ray measurements and degree of previous degeneration, we can custom fit your physical therapy and chiropractic care program to accommodate your health goals, time and budget. Read more about our Four Pillars of Health for our results-effective, holistic approach to improving your health. Our patients have found success in our physical medicine plans and have avoided surgery through our noninvasive care.

Contact our office in Hoffman Estates to schedule your consultation and get set up with an individualized physical therapy program to help you get moving and feeling great again. You don’t have to suffer any longer.

*Ask our office staff about insurance to see if you are covered. We work with all major insurance companies.