What is Physical Medicine?

Physical medicine combines the most effective aspects of physical therapy, chiropractic, and uses a balanced diet to treat many common diseases using natural, safe, and lasting techniques. The primary goal of physical medicine is to not only make the patients feel better, but to allow their bodies to actually FUNCTION better. In the words of Dr. Eickert, “Let’s make you twenty again.”

How does it Work?

Physical medicine uses four key principles, or pillars, to allow the body to function at its highest level. Many other treatment protocols address one or two of these principles to health but generally seem to lack a finishing touch. We have seen this in many patients who have tried physical therapy alone or drug treatment. People tend to feel better for a short time but often do not reach the full potential of health they are looking for through living healthy. We want you to have total body health. Here are the four principles to guide you into health and wellness.

Principle #1

Remove Irritation and Restore Balance

Many pain conditions are the result of inflammation in either a joint, muscle or nerve. Some practitioners will only look to treat the pain symptoms, recommending treatment in the form of a pill, cream, or a few stretches here and there. While this line of thinking may, in fact, relieve some of the pain, it will generally lead to worsening problems down the road because the true cause of the problem has not been addressed. In order to truly fix the problem, we need to correct muscle imbalances and remove the joint fixations that cause nerves to become irritated. Only this type of treatment can give the lasting results you are looking for.

Symptoms of imbalance include:

  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Tension
  • Low Back Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Knee Pain
  • Muscle Fatigue
  • Mid Back Pain
  • Numbness/Tingling

Principle #2

Avoid Outside Interference

The goal of physical medicine is to optimize overall health without drugs or surgery. When the body is functioning at a high level it needs no interference. Do you truly believe that the reason people have headaches is due to a lack of Tylenol? Do you honestly think the reason for joint pain is because of an insufficiency of Advil? The idea seems ridiculous but this exactly the way people respond to symptoms.

Stop looking for a quick fix to cover up symptoms. If you want health and wellness, look to correct the CAUSE of the problem and address it.

Principle #3

Add Quality Nutrients

Eating the proper food for healthy living is hard. Especially now that everyone is coming out of the woodwork with new diets, designed purely for weight loss. These diets are often unhealthy and end up making the dieter actually less healthy than when they started. It’s time to step back and focus on health. When the body is healthy it will move towards its ideal weight. Diets that focus solely on eating one type of food can cause swings in blood sugar and pH which lead to increased health risks. Physical medicine promotes a balanced diet that helps to stabilize blood sugar and focuses on the timing of certain foods to accommodate the body’s demands throughout the day. We give all of our patients nutritional guidelines that are easy to follow and will make a tremendous difference in their lives.

(Caution: Weight Loss is a Common Side Effect!)

Principle #4

Create Peace of Mind

Stress and emotional swings cause a wide range of health disorders. When the natural fight or flight responses are constantly going off due to stress it causes turmoil through the entire body. Immune response time decreases drastically which makes people more prone to disease. Cortisol levels skyrocket which causes widespread inflammation and pain.

The main question: How do we deal with Stress?

  • Love Yourself – Taking care of yourself is not selfish. Plan some ME time.
  • Truly Listen – Many stressful discussions are really just communication breakdowns.
  • Give Full Attention – Hide distractions when doing important things. Don’t be distracted by your phone.
  • Choose Your Battles Wisely – Keeping a relationship is more important than winning an argument.
  • Forgive Quickly – Holding a grudge will never solve a disagreement.
  • Love Others – Make love a verb. Commit loving actions to others and notice how great you feel.
  • Give Freely – Share your knowledge and skills with others so everyone may thrive.

Everyone deserves a chance to become healthy.

We have decided to do everything in our power to ensure the health of our community. This is why we are giving FREE consultations with our doctor, to anyone interested in improving their health. While the consultation is free, we do hope that you will join us in giving a donation to The Make A Wish Foundation. This center is truly a healing place for abused children.

Schedule your initial exam with us at Higgins Physical Medicine in Hoffman Estates. The consultation involves a FREE orthopedic exam, Digital X-Rays, complimentary insurance verification, and a report of findings, (Gameplan) to inform you of the treatment plan before we begin. We pride ourselves on our integrity and are always upfront with everything we plan to do, so there are no surprises. Start living a healthy life today! Contact our office for any questions you may have or to schedule your exam with us.