At Higgins Physical Medicine, we don’t have you lay down on the chiropractor’s table and start in with chiropractic adjustments, we do the diagnostic work first, to see exactly where the pain starts. Pain can radiate from the origin to various places in the body. This means if you have pain, it may not be coming from where you feel it. It’s important for your medical care providers to find the cause of the pain through a proper diagnosis before chiropractic treatments are implemented.

When performing diagnosis before treatment at Higgins Physical Medicine, we use our state-of-the-art image processing system from Dicom Solutions. This system enhances and optimizes the diagnostic quality of digital radiographic images, far exceeding that of conventional film x-rays.

In other words, we use a digital x-ray to determine, down to the finest detail, the issues at the core of your pain and discomfort. Digital images are available within seconds and offer exceptional, consistent, image quality while preserving diagnostic detail. In addition, these images offer enhanced fine detail and soft-tissue contrast with better compensation for thick body parts. This allows us to provide better, safer patient chiropractic care to you and your family.

Our chiropractic treatments are individualized for your benefit. We care about taking the best care of our patients and that starts with a proper diagnosis for the pain. Contact our office to set up an exam. We’ll take X-rays to see where your pain is originating and provide you with high quality, physical medicine so you can find relief.